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Teeth Whitening...$75 each

iBrite/DaVinci Teeth Whitening System

This professional system makes teeth whiter and brighter in just 15 minutes that will last months.  Self administered application of professional strength whitening system.  Can be done every 3 days until max whiteness is reached.

Healing Energy Foot Spa Detox...$30

This detox treatment relieves joint pain, migraines and decreases allergies plus much more.  Helps with mental clarity, increases energy and improves circulation.  The foot spa detox enhances the body vitality by drawing out toxins allowing the body to cleanse itself naturally.

30min detox

Enhance any treatment as an add on

Important to drink water before, during and after treatment to promote further detoxing



The use of high frequency sound waves helps to eliminate pain from carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and soreness in muscles, soft tissue injuries and muscle spasms.

15min. treatment 

 additional areas up to two area total...$15 each


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